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Types of plastic surgeries offered at Zoom plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialized operation done on different body parts with the aim of improving or repairing the skin. Parts of the skin may have been damaged, injured or rendered defective hence need for restoration. In advanced skin operations, it may require transfer of tissues from certain body parts to others.

In different cases, plastic surgery may be done for beauty purposes. This is known as cosmetic surgery. It is aimed at achieving most normal feasible outcome on one’s facial or body structure. However, persons who wish to undergo cosmetic operations need medical guidance before taking the procedure in order to know what suits their needs.

Types of plastic surgeries

Zoom Plastic Surgery medical practitioners offer both corrective and cosmetic surgeries. This ensures that clients look and feel good about their skin and body. There are three main areas in which plastic surgeries may be applied on.

Body procedures

This is done on patients wishing to achieve body figures and skin tone they always desire.  To begin with, there is tummy tucking which works on body fat around the tummy. It extends to thighs and arms lifting to get rid of excess fat on this body parts.

The benefit of body plastic surgery is that it enables the boosting of one’s confidence by having a great body. It also enables persons wear clothes they desire, since they are in great shape, making them feel comfortable in both professional and social functions. It also eliminates stretch marks and excess skin that are as a  result of pregnancy.

Breast surgeries

There are numerous factors that play hand in hand in shaping up a woman’s chest. For example, one’s skin quality and flexibility of the ribcage are some of the vital factors. Due to these factors, surgeons are required to study their client’s chest size and breast before embarking on the procedure.

Procedures available for the breast include breast lift that is done on the chest that has sagged from aging or pregnancy. Corrective breast surgery is done to correct chest position that may have not been done correctly. Breast reduction aims at pain reduction, rashes and shoulder pains hence ensure that chests are of satisfying size and shape.

Benefits related to breast surgeries include reduction of pain and deep grooves caused by large breasts. In addition to this, there is removal of excess breast tissue and fat that makes breasts appear large. Breast procedure is also recommended for men suffering from gynecomastia.

Face procedures

It is done to improve facial features such as ears, nose and eyes. It also involves facial building aiming at correcting unrelated features in the head, for example large ears with a small face. This procedure is carried independently or in combination.

However, a number of factors need to be considered before undertaking facial plastic surgeries. To begin with, skin elasticity is examined to determine its flexibility and natural suppleness. One’s bone structure is checked to ensure in the end, satisfying results and skin support after the procedure are achieved. Good overall health of a client is vital, to provide significant healing and recovery process after the surgery.

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