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Surgical Success: It’s All About the Needle

Ever successfully gone through a surgical procedure or know someone who did? There are various medical conditions that require the patient to undergo surgery in order to get healed. Apart from the expertise of the surgeon and the advanced medical facilities in the clinic or hospital, there is another crucial instrument in the surgery process that is often overlooked or taken for granted: the trusty needle. It is used in most surgical procedures. Aside from pharmacies and medical products suppliers, you can buy dry needles online. You just need to be thorough so you can find best dry needles online from different suppliers.

Needles used in surgical procedures

Different types of surgeries need different kinds of needle in order for the procedure to go smoothly. Some of the most common needle types used in surgical operations are cutting needles, straight needles and curved needles. Cutting needles usually have three cutting edges which make it easy for them to penetrate tough skin. The reverse cutting needle is ideal to use for plastic and ophthalmic surgery because it causes less strain on the tissue. The tapercut needle can penetrate through tough tissues. Straight needles are commonly used for closing the skin after most kinds of surgeries. Curved needles are the most widely used needles and are created in various configurations. They are used for surgeries such as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, vascular, opthalmological, oral and nasal, ocular, and even microsurgery.

The needle is usually partnered with suture thread for closing skin lacerations. Most of these needles are available in pharmacies or you may also find dry needles online. Before you buy dry needles online, make sure you’re ordering the right kind.

The importance of using clean needles

Common sense would tell you that it’s imperative to use clean needles. Using dirty or pre-used needles increases the risk of contracting infections after the surgical procedure is done. Worst, you can transmit fatal diseases like HIVs and STDs if you don’t use clean needles. However, if you seek treatment from registered surgeons who are trained on proper medical procedures, you can be sure that they use new and unused needles.

The problem with some patients is that they mistakenly get help from non-experts who claim to know alternative medical solutions to some health issues. You may be able to save money, as you don’t have to pay surgeon and hospital bills, but you are running the risk of introducing virus and toxins in your body in case the person trying to help you accidentally uses unclean or pre-used needles.

Tips in buying needles for any medical purpose

Whether you get them from the pharmacy or buy dry needles online, make sure to inspect their packaging and expiry date. Don’t hesitate to ask for a replacement in case you doubt the quality of the needles delivered to you. Also, it’s important that you specify the exact kind of needles you need to avoid receiving the wrong package. In your search to buy best dry needles online, you may want to start with NeedlePro. Ask about needles and clinic accessories that they currently offer. For more info, visit

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