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Hassle-Free Waste Disposal

Waste removal is a time-consuming process and very tedious too, which is why people go on accumulating waste instead of getting rid of it. Waste not only includes the daily household garbage but also the things that you have collected over the years which are no longer of any use to you. This is why companies that offer services of rubbish removal Townsville wide are here to solve your waste disposal problems.

Rubbish removal Townsville

You simply have to decide on a day for getting rid of the waste in your house or office and the rest of the work is done by the rubbish removal Townsville companies.

Services that these companies offer

The firms that offer services of rubbish removal Townsville wide provide the client with waste containers or skips on hire for a standard period of five days. The bins are delivered to the client’s location on a day decided at the time of the booking. The skip is placed by the Handi Skips delivery man in a convenient location near the client’s house or office. The client is given the period of five days or longer if specified to throw all the waste into the bin. The client is provided with special bags for asbestos disposal so that it does not get mixed with the other rubbish. After the hiring period is over, the company sends the lorry to take the skip to the transfer station for sorting and recycling of the waste. The customer is supposed to return the skip in perfect order. The company charges the customer for the number of days that the skip is hired for, for delivery of the skip, for collection and disposal of the waste, for the bags supplied for hazardous waste disposal, for loading the skip when specified. Extra charges are taken if the quantity of the waste is greater than what was specified by the client initially. Penalty charges are applied if the bin is returned damaged or if illegal disposal of hazardous waste is done without prior notification to the company. Rubbish removal in Townsville has been made easy and simple by these companies.

Types of waste that need to be disposed of 

The waste that can be disposed of into these skips includes office supplies, old furniture, renovation rubbish, scraps of metal, packing boxes, tiles, basins, sinks, wall coverings, fire extinguishers, old pipes, broken concrete, built in cupboards, tins, bricks, floor coverings, old clothes, defective appliances, toys, garden waste, cleaning chemicals, etc.

Benefits of using the services of such companies

These Townsville rubbish removal companies help you to get a clutter free space in no time. You do not have to put the rubbish into garbage bags and take them to the landfills for disposal. You can simply throw everything into the skip and let the company do the sorting and disposing of. Also, you are ensured that the waste will be recycled. You can dispose of huge quantities of waste in one go using the range of skips provided. Choose the skip that suits you the best and if you are confused about the size that you require or if you cannot identify hazardous waste, then you can call the company for guidance. You can get same day service if required. These companies provide affordable and licensed waste disposal services.


Choose the best rubbish removal Townsville company by visiting websites like and book a skip service online. You can get a free quote immediately on the website. If you want prompt, efficient and eco-friendly disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial waste, then go for the rubbish removal services offered by Townsville companies and get rid of the unwanted stuff immediately.

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