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Beauty News: Getting the Kendall Jenner Look

A beauty blog is more than just a good read on looking pretty and up-to-date; it’s a woman’s ticket to gaining enough confidence in herself, that would soon reflect on how she lives her life. Let’s face it, a great percentage on how a woman becomes confident is on how she appears physically and how she carries herself. The rest as they say, is history.

As far as the beauty industry is concerned, cosmetics are among the biggest contributors to this field. Reading through a beauty blog will get one familiar with the leading brands of make-up and cosmetics, one of which is estee lauder. This line has been around for a number of years already and has been endorsed by the brightest and most beautiful stars in both movies and the music industry.

In today’s generation, it’s quite impossible to know of someone who hasn’t heard of Kendall Jenner. Every young girl, who is at the same age as hers or not, both desire to achieve the sophistication and simplicity that she effortlessly brings out through her use of cosmetics.

So do you want to find out the secret to getting “her” look? Read below and find out.

The first thing that’s noticeable about Kendall is how fresh she looks every time. A beauty blog once wrote about how refreshing it is to look at her face no matter the heavy make-up she may have on. With that, tip number 1 is to keep the face clean. Do not apply anything unless all marks and blemishes are carefully covered with a concealer or a BB cream; then can the powder foundation be applied.

With the face clear and clean, focus on three areas – the cheek bones, the forehead and the nose. These are the parts of the face where the bronzer has to be applied on. If you notice the outstanding make-up style on St Albans fashion week, it was all about accentuating the most prominent parts of the face but doing it in a way that’s as simple as possible. Kendall always looks like a bronze goddess – bronze eyeliner, golden cheek tint and nude lip color too.

The most outstanding and striking part of her face is always the eyes. Rather than going over-the-top with the eyes, use a thin eye liner instead. A gold eyeliner pencil applied over the water line can be the dramatic touch to the face. It can make the eyes glow and sparkle and not look very heavy and made-up. To make it stand-out better, make use of a black liner for the upper lashes of the eyes – this time a liquid version is more preferable. For additional details, check this out

With the focus directed on the eyes, the lips are subtle and very simple. A nude or golden color is best applied with natural gloss over it. The dewy effect on the lips can actually make one look years younger than her age – or maybe look just like OUR favorite model.


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